July 13, 2024

Penny Auctions Exposed: 95% Off Retail Possible?

As part of a new series: "How to Save Big Bucks when Shopping Online"

Kelly Robbins investigates "Penny" auctions, like Wavee, to find out if this system really works.

Have you ever heard of "Penny Auctions"? If you haven't, but you're the type always looking for bargains and amazing deals, then you're in luck! Penny auctions are a new auction model that are rapidly becoming very popular. Penny auctions allow individuals to do just what it implies, win popular products for pennies on the dollar. Leading the way in this new auction model is Wavee, an Atlanta based company. Wavee auctions off brand new popular products such as iPads, Macbooks, HDTVs, Digital Cameras, Gaming Consoles, and a lot more for steep discounts of 75% off retail price.

Sounds too good to be true right? Surprisingly, it's not. See, Wavee isn't run like your typical auction. Along with people snagging great deals at a fraction of the product's cost is the fact that users pay to participate in these auctions. Each bid placed on Wavee costs users $0.60 to $0.75. By collecting money for each bid placed, Wavee is able to afford giving away products for cheap such as Macbooks for $23.72 or Nikon Digital Cameras for $57.42 and a lot more!

Why Wavee is Gaining Popularity

"In a poor economy, it's no surprise why Americans are out to get a great deal, and users of the website are winning products that they wouldn't normally be able to afford. Wavee's popularity seems to be growing by the day. This is mostly due to Wavee's users recommending this site to friends, colleagues, and loved ones to win great deals. " says Wavee Co-Founder.

We took the time to talk with a few of Wavee's customers to see exactly what their thoughts are on this new and trendy auction model. One Wavee customer, Kathy Kirby, had this to say about Wavee and winning one of her auctions:

"One night I was on Wavee bidding on an Apple MacBook and noticed a 32" Toshiba HDTV had just gone up for auction. I ended up placing TWO bids on the TV while I was bidding on the MacBook and ended up winning them BOTH! I won the MacBook Pro for $112.61 and I won the HDTV for $37.32!! I can't tell you how thrilled I was or how thrilled my son was when I told him I'd won a TV for his room. Thanks Wavee from the both of us." - Kathy Kirby

How Does Wavee Work?

Wavee works by utilizing their state of the art "Penny Auction" model. Users buy bid credits to place a bid in an auction. Each time a user bids, the price of the item goes up by one penny and time is added to the clock so that other users may decide whether they would like to continue bidding or not. If you are the last person to bid when the clock runs out, you win!

What this revolutionary auction model offers, that no other website has, are the huge savings! Users save an average of 75% off retail when using Wavee! Users have been able to snag amazing deals, such as an Apple Macbook Pro for $12.98, a Nikon D90 Camera for $9.57, an Apple iPad for $17.23, and a flat screen HDTV for $23.02!

But what puts Wavee head and shoulders above the rest? Their "Buy It Now" option! If users participate in an auction that they do not win, they may choose to use the "Buy It Now" option so that all of the bids that they spent can go towards buying the item at regular retail price! That's why Wavee has become so popular. There's no reason not use to it to save!

"Wavee isn't your typical auction website. Where eBay users can usually save 5-15% off retail through their online auctions, we save our users an amazing 75-80% on average! The catch is, every time a user bids, it costs them one bid credit. This allows us to be able to sell popular products like Digital Cameras, HDTVs, Laptops, and more for pennies on the dollar." - Wavee Co-Founder

The End of Shopping Around?

There is no longer a need to spend several hours online looking to see where the best deal is. The answer is simple. It's on Wavee! Whereas scouring the internet to save an extra 5% works for some people, why waste your time when you could save 75%! Wavee is so much more than economical. It's entertaining too! Their users rave about the rush they get when bidding in a highly competitive auction! And with the potential to save as much as people do on Wavee, you can see why!

If you are a frugal spender who wants to save some serious cash, then you will be pleased with Wavee. We see Wavee as a monumental step towards bringing users savings of which they've only dreamed! And in this type of economy, the average American can't afford not to use any means necessary to save as much as possible.

An In-depth Explanation of How Wavee Works

As we already mentioned, Wavee.com isn't your typical auction site. Users, on average, save 75-95% off retail for brand new products they win, but pay $0.60 to $0.75 (depending on the amount of bids purchased) for each bid they place. The process of participating in Wavee auctions is fairly straight forward. We've outlined it below:

Step 1:

Register as a user at Wavee and get your bids.

Use Promo Code "WAVEE110" to get 110 extra bids on sign up!

Promo Code Expires: July 14, 2024

Step 2:

Search the auctions until you find an item that appeals to you.

Step 3:

Start placing your bids.

Step 4:

When you win the auction, you'll be taken to the checkout where you can buy your item at a deep discount!

It's really that easy!

But if you're like me, you're probably wondering, "What if I spend money on bids, but don't win the auction?" Seems like you could lose money in pursuit of a great deal, but end up with nothing right? Not exactly...

Wavee's "Buy it Now"

One of Wavee's best features is their "Buy it Now". The Wavee "Buy it Now" allows users to apply the money they spent bidding on a product towards the "Buy it Now" price if they don't win. For example, let's say a user bids 50 times on a $50 Best Buy gift card, but doesn't win the auction. That user spent $30 on bids placed (50 bids x $0.60/bid). To exercise the "Buy It Now" option, the user would subtract the $30 spent on bids for the item from its $50 value price, paying the $20 difference. That way, even though they didn't win, all bids placed on the Wavee auction count as credit towards buying the product.

If you're looking for a deal, Wavee and other penny auction websites, might be the best way to snag an amazing bargain these days.

Plus, Wavee guarantees the lowest price on the internet for ALL of its products. And it's the only site of its kind to offer FREE SHIPPING on any product purchased, whether it's through an auction or through Buy it Now. You truly can't lose with Wavee.

>> Wavee Official Site

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My friends and I have all been waiting for the wavee to hit the news. Atleast 5 of us have all used it (getting items for $15 that would have been costing us upwards of $300+) and we all received tons of stuff. This stuff truley is incredible and has changed all of our lives. Good luck to everyone who takes advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

I saw this report on tv the other day and was amazed at the results. I am getting married next month so the timing couldn't have been better!! thanks for the tip!

I've gone ahead and signed up, got some bids, can't wait to see what happends.

I've been seeing surplus auctions all over. I even heard my mom talking about this a few days ago since one of her friends has gotten tons of stuff for barely anything! I definately have to try this, thanks.

Yay! glad to see it's helped and that my story is getting out there! good luck!

This stuff is amazing! My best friend Jessica did a Wavee auction and got an incredible amount of electronics.. i couldn't believe it and had to do some research on my own which is how I found this news article. I can't believe they are offering this stuff so cheap! I know Jessica spent something like $600 on the ipad and was thrilled.. imagine how excited she would be if it cost her under $10.00. This is a godsend, thanks so much!!

I've been struggling my whole life with just getting by and I really hope this is the answer to saving money. I've gone ahead and signed up.I really hope to save atleast $5,000 before the end of the year.

Hey Sarah, I just signed up. I won an auction almost immediately, thanks for the tip!

A friend of mine uses Wavee and recommended it to me 3 weeks ago. I signed up and won a few itesms, and received them within 3 days . The results have been incredible and I can't wait to see what I can win in the future!

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Wavee In The News
Sara Beall Won a $1,199.00 Mac Book Pro on Wavee for $41.37!

Use Promo Code "WAVEE110" to get 110 extra bids on sign up!

Promo Code Expires: July 14, 2024

>> Wavee Official Site <<

Consumer Reviews:

"I was skeptical when I first heard about Wavee. I won my first item, an apple iPad several days after signing up for $22.14. I received the iPad four days later and I love it! What a GREAT site! Thanks."
- Donna C

"I won a new Nintendo Wii Sports Resort for $86.74 from Wavee. It's a new and exciting way to shop and save! I've never seen anything else like it Thanks again!"
- Kyle A

"Like many others I was skeptical at first too, but after I decided to start bidding, I soon started winning. When the first item I won finally came in the mail within two days of winning it, I was hooked!! Not only does Wavee have cool stuff, but it's actually FUN to bid too. I continued my "Wavee journey" and ended up winning an awesome MacBook Pro laptop. This thing is awesome! Thanks Wavee!"
-Dave N

"I called customer support and was amazed. I wish I would have asked the woman's name who helped me. She was so courteous and helpful. I am seriously amazed. You guys are fantastic. I posted on my Facebook page that anyone with an interest in bidding websites should go to Wavee. Thank you for being so helpful and honest."
- Samantha P

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